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TOPIC: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on ART160/260

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on ART160/260 9 years 3 months ago #4956

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Frequently Asked Questions:
1. [anchorlink=Answer1]Can I use the ART260 to calibrate lbs/ac on my air seeder?[/anchorlink]
2. [anchorlink=Answer2]Should I hook up the ART100 or ART260 monitor head directly to my tractor’s battery or can I use a power source in the tractor cab instead?[/anchorlink]
3. [anchorlink=Answer3]Does it matter which way the sensors are mounted; cables up or cables down? [/anchorlink]
4. [anchorlink=Answer4]How do I figure out which side is sensor #1? [/anchorlink]
5. [anchorlink=Answer5]Does an Err 7 mean that sensor # 7 is bad? [/anchorlink]
6. [anchorlink=Answer6]Do I have to be seeding while calibrating my system? [/anchorlink]
7. [anchorlink=Answer7]What does a sensitivity setting of 0 mean? [/anchorlink]
8. [anchorlink=Answer8]Why isn’t my area counter working? [/anchorlink]
9. [anchorlink=Answer9]Why won’t my work switch turn off alarms on the head lands? [/anchorlink]
10. [anchorlink=Answer10]Why does my work switch say ON at the headlands and OFF while seeding? [/anchorlink]
11. [anchorlink=Answer11]Why is my speed reading not what it should be? [/anchorlink]
12. [anchorlink=Answer12]Will the ART260 work with sectional control? [/anchorlink]
13. [anchorlink=Answer13]When I put in my lb/ac in the seed rate wizard why does it say calculation failed? [/anchorlink]
14. [anchorlink=Answer14]Why can’t I get rid of the loop overload message? [/anchorlink]
15. [anchorlink=Answer15]Why am I getting false blockage alarms? [/anchorlink]
16. [anchorlink=Answer16]Why are my calibrations not saving on the ART260? [/anchorlink]
17. [anchorlink=Answer17]Why when I calibrate my shaft sensor on channel 4 it is not saving, it goes back to no sensor. [/anchorlink]
18. [anchorlink=Answer18]What does XXXX mean on my rate screen? [/anchorlink]
19. [anchorlink=Answer19]Why does my seed rate display 0? [/anchorlink]
20. [anchorlink=Answer20]My monitor says CLN Sensor 7. I have cleaned it and the message still remains. What do I do? [/anchorlink]

1. NO! You should always use the air seeder manufacturer’s recommended procedure to set your seed rates. The ART260 should be used to monitor changes in that seed rate via high and low rate alarm points.
2. It is recommended to connect directly to the battery and power down with the power button on the monitor so that settings get saved. With switched power settings will not be saved unless the head is powered down before switching power off. The system needs to have at least 12 volts to run properly.
3. It does not matter, what is important is that you know where sensor #1 is on the toolbar.
4. Unplug the y-cable from the sensor you suspect is #1. Go back to the cab; you should see an Err #1 message. If you see any other number you are at the wrong side of the toolbar.
5. No. An Err 7 means the system cannot communicate with sensor # 7. Troubleshooting should begin @ sensor #7 and work backwards towards sensor #6. Check for any cable damage on the sensor cables themselves or any extension cables in between.
If there is no noticeable damage, bypass sensor #7 to see if the error disappears. If it does, replace sensor #7. If the error remains, hook #7 back into the loop and bypass sensor #6, if the error disappears, replace sensor #6. If the error still remains, replace any extension cables between sensor 6 & 7.
6. The only calibrations that have to be done while seeding are the Seed Rate Wizard and setting the sensitivity value.
7. Sensitivity of 0 disables power to the loop and shuts off all alarm monitoring on that loop. We do not recommend doing this unless the loop is not being used.
8. In order to accumulate acres, a speed sensor must be installed and calibrated. Test speed mode will not accumulate area.
9. Make sure the work switch has been calibrated on the proper sensor channel#. Check the distance of the magnet from the sensor, it should be within ½” of the magnet.
10.Reverse the Work Switch Logic in the monitor.
11. Adjust the Circumference value until the proper speed reading is reported.
12. No. The sensors will alarm and report a blockage when a section is turned off.
13. You cannot have any blockage or error alarms occurring while doing the seed rate wizard.
14. The monitor has to be disconnected from the battery to reset the head once the part causing the overload has been found and taken out of the loop.
15. The sensitivity is set too high, lower the sensitivity until no blockage alarms occur. Remember you must be on the Rate screen in order to see or hear alarms.
16. Make sure you are pressing the power button to power down the head and you see the message maintaining and saving calibrations.
17. You need to press the OK button after sensor has been selected in order for the sensor to be saved on the sensor channel #.
18. The monitor is trying to count higher than allowed. Do a default calibration to fix the problem, then re-enter your calibration values.
19. The monitor is not detecting a speed. A speed is needed to calculate rate.
20. If you have cleaned the correct sensor and the CLN message remains, replace the sensor indicated.

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